Fire can be unpredictable. It’s one of the most devastating events a property owner can experience. It is crucial to act fast and not let your property be covered in ash or for moulds to infest your walls because they may damage your property more. That’s when a fire damage restoration expert comes in.

While flames can cause significant damage to your home, smoke and soot are equally damaging. The latter leaves dangerous toxins and odours behind that, when inhaled or comes in contact with skin, can be harmful to your health. Whereas flames are limited to ignition areas, smoke will travel throughout your property.

Seeing your property be consumed by fire is a tragic event that can be mentally and emotionally draining. We understand that. That is why at Trauma and Decontamination, we have fire damage restoration specialists who will make sure to restore your fire-damaged area or object to preserve its value. We offer competitive rates and quality service trusted by over 4000 happy customers in SEQ.

Fire & Smoke Damage Cleaning SEQ

Professional Trauma & Decontamination Service Queensland

Our professional cleaners are not just trained to deliver excellent work, they are also trained to exercise empathy and patience with the clients. It doesn’t matter how large or small the job is, we’ll make it happen!

What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • Competitive rates
  • Customer-first approach
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • 14 years of experience in smoke & fire damage restoration
  • IICRC certified and highly trained cleaners
  • Our empathy and understanding in the industry and mental health

We provide fire damage restoration services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, ToowoombaLoganGold Coast, Ipswich, and other Southeast Queensland regions.

Odour Control & Deodorisation SEQ

Aside from our fire damage cleaning service in the Southeast Queensland region, we also provide odour control and deodorisation services.

Odour is just one of the characteristics of smoke. It is a component of the combustion residues. Although it may sound like something that isn’t as important as cleaning the damage brought by fire, it plays a huge factor psychologically. If you just went through a personal disaster like fire, smoke odours would link to your memory and emotion causing you to be repulsed as it will bring back the memory of going through that traumatic event in your life.

We are here to help you move forward and remove all things that would remind you of going through such tragic events and salvage the items that we can. Our smoke and fire damage restoration services have been trusted and highly recommended by previous clients because of our understanding of the industry and how it would take such a huge toll on mental health. We’ll assist you every step of the way.

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Decontaminate your fire-damaged property now. For your smoke and fire damage restoration needs, contact Trauma & Decon today at 0409 987 319. You can also email us at!