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Providing Trusted and Reliable Biohazard Cleaning and Testing Services for 14 Years

We provide professional biohazard cleaning and testing services, including drug residue testing, meth lab cleaning or restoration, and syringe cleaning. Whether residential or commercial, no job is too big or too small for Trauma & Decon! For 14 years, we have been serving the South East Queensland region in Australia and have been trusted by many clients. We have great relationships with non-government agencies who highly recommend us due to our understanding of the industry and mental health.

You have to check if a property you’re renting or buying has drug residues. If left as it is, residues can cause severe health problems that can potentially be chronic. In addition, meth residue cleaning is challenging if it’s not done by a professional. It’s odourless and invisible, which makes it harder to detect. Suppose you own a rental property or planning to rent an apartment. It would be highly recommended to hire a professional tester/cleaner to ensure that your property is free from drug residues.

Let us know if you need help with testing, cleaning and decontamination. Call us, and we’ll clean up your property and decontaminate it for you.

We provide testing services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Redland City, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and other Southeast Queensland regions.

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Residential and Commercial Drug Residue Testing Experts

Trauma & Decon specialise in testing and cleaning methamphetamine residue and biohazard in residential and commercial properties. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians is IICRC certified and equipped with years of training on meth residue testing and cleaning. We use the latest specialised equipment and best practice techniques in meth lab remediation, syringe cleaning, and other testing services.

It is our mission to provide professional, ethical, and confidential services to clients in their time of need.

Let us test, clean, and disinfect your property now. For your testing and biohazard cleaning needs, contact Trauma & Decon today at 0409 987 319. You can also email us at!