One of the most stressful events that can happen in anyone’s life is water or flood damage. We offer flood damage restoration and mould remediation services to assist you in water-related incidents or flooding events. May it be natural flood events, faulty flexi hoses, frozen pipes, hail damage, faulty plumbing, etc. You name it, we restore it!

Water damages can be hazardous as it compromises the structural integrity of a building. With our moisture removal equipment and detection tools, our professional water damage restoration technicians will restore your wet property and structure to its pre-damaged state.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration SEQ

#1 Flood and Water Damage Restoration Company in Queensland

Looking for a company that offers professional and cost-effective water and flood damage restoration service in the Southeast Queensland region? Look no more! Trauma & Decon is here to assist you in your needs.

We provide flood and water damage restoration services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Redland City, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and other Southeast Queensland regions.

We pride ourselves on our team of highly trained water damage cleaners. Our commitment is to keep ourselves updated on the latest best practice techniques in water and flood damage restoration. Our services include:

  • Decontamination/Disinfection
  • Structural restoration
  • Basement/Crawl space drying
  • Ceiling drying
  • Sewage restoration
  • Timber drying
  • Concrete sub-floors cleaning/restoration
  • Carpet restoration

Mould Remediation SEQ

Professional Mould Cleaning Service in Queensland

One problem that can cause a lot of damage is leaving a wet surface to dry on its own. Water can seep within the wall cavities resulting in mould forming and damaged walls. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, it poses serious health risks, too. Inhaling mould spores can inflame your airways and cause health issues like chest tightness or nasal congestion. No one wants a mould infestation in their home.

Suppose you suspect that your building is affected by floodwaters and infested by mould. Hire a mould remediation expert immediately. If not, this will result to:

  • Mould and Bacteria Growth
  • Drying will take an extended amount of time
  • Black water contamination
  • Damaged appliances, wiring, and other structures
  • Rotting foundations
  • Possible contracting of tetanus
  • Unpleasant odours

Trauma & Decon offers professional mould cleaning services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, ToowoombaLoganGold Coast, Ipswich, and other Southeast Queensland regions.

Let us restore your water-damaged property now. For your water and flood damage restoration needs,  contact Trauma & Decon today at 0409 987 319. You can also email us at!